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Hi, I'm Claire. I have been working with herbs since 2014, training formally as a phytotherapist (aka medical herbalist) from 2015-2019 on unceded Lekwungen land, so-called Victoria, BC, at Pacific Rim College where I graduated in 2019 with my Diploma of Phytotherapy. My love affair with tarot and astrology began in 2016, and I have been using both as tools to live a more meaningful life and create intimate containers for both my personal and professional relationships since. As a colonizer whose roots in herbal medicine do not feel like my own, I offer tarot services alone at this time, but frequently discuss the impact herbs have on my lived experience on tiktok. I am otherwise deeply devoted to art, gardening, coffee, my cat Althaea, and mining information rabbit holes for psychic gems. I look forward to working with you, and hope our work together will bring you a richer, more meaningful lived experience

Readings  give you a snapshot of a moment in time. My role as a channel is to affirm, confirm, and realign, ultimately with the goal of deepening your trust in your own inner voice. Readings can bring spiritual clarity to specific circumstances such as (but not limited to) relationship dynamics, business ventures, ancestral messages, and creative endeavors.  In a reading messages come through with the support of tarot and my natural clairsentience, clairaudience, and clairvoyance. 

Don't ask don't tell 🌹#undertherose #ar

Sub Rosa. The expression "under the rose" indicates a space where secrets can be spoken in confidence without fear of disclosure. Any and all services I provide are 100% confidential, as your privacy is important to me.

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