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  Herbal consultations - Tarot Readings - Natal Charts

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Herbal Consultations

subtle solutions

Initial consultation:  $90. We will discuss any and all of your health concerns in our hour video consultation together. It is important to me as a herbalist that we work together to agree on a treatment plan to address your most crucial concerns moving forward.

Read me, Treat me:  $145. Hour long tarot reading and health intake hybrid. At the end of our consultation, you will get one herbal formula to help navigate your core concerns.


Follow up appointments:  $35. Recommended 4-6 weeks after an initial appointment to check in.

Herbal formula refill:  $40.

Please note that herbs take a commitment of 6-12 weeks to create significant changes. An energetic formula can last up 6 months, but physiologically tailored regimens (i.e. large doses) will need frequent refills. Please visit ABOUT for more information.


Tarot Readings

gaining clarity

20 minutes- $44

30 minutes- $66

40 minutes- $88

60 minutes- $133

Rates apply to video, written, face to face, and gifted readings.

Written readings are the best if you have specific questions you would like to explore. Face to face or video conference readings are best for when you simply want to hear what spirit has for you!

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Natal Chart Interpretations

understanding your stars

Full Chart:  $100.  Analysis of the energetic patterns in your chart. This kind of reading can help you identify career and relationship needs, where you are destined to succeed, and how to work with your deepest fears. Exact birth time and location required.

Planetary Placements:  $66.  Best choice if you do not know your exact time of birth. Will discuss your personal "psychic map", placements, and aspects.

"The Big 3":  $15. Best if you're still new to "this stuff" and just want to understand what all the fuss is about. Exact birth time and location required.

Work with me

Hello Friends! Please tell me which service you would like to book and any relevant details (ex: birth date, time, and location) 

Check your spam folder if you do not hear from me within 24 hours

Thank you for your request!

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